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Upsizing, downsizing, rightsizing… we know businesses sometimes move as they evolve.

You will need at least two permits when you change location, maybe more. The information on this page will provide guidance, but feel free to call us with questions about your specific situation.

First things first, check if what you want to do at the location is permitted by right or needs zoning relief.  You can research your use and the zoning district of the location you are considering in the Online Code of Ordinance.

What you need to do to move in depends on your specific situation.

If the new space is not a change of use under the zoning or building code and you are moving in to existing space without making changes to the plumbing, electric, or framing you will only need a use and occupancy permit and sign permits for the new space.

If you are converting space that was something other than what you are using it for, for example, it was an office but you are converting it to part of your nail salon, or you are doing work to the plumbing, mechanical or electrical systems, or making structural changes you will need a zoning and building permit.

If you are adding space by building an addition or making changes to the exterior of the property, contact the Borough to discuss land development.

 Please do not forget to apply for your Use & Occupancy Permit

You may find it helpful when considering a new space to use the New Business Worksheet to evaluate the space for parking and accessibility issues.

Planning Considerations:
Zoning Requirements: Before an occupancy or building permit can be issued it must be reviewed for zoning compliance.  Each property within the Borough is part of a designated zoning district. The zoning district specifies the permitted land uses, such as residential, commercial, or industrial and permitted types of activities that can take place in that distgrict.
When you apply for an occupancy or building permit, the application will automatically be routed to Zoning for review.

You are encouraged to contact the Zoning Officer before you finalize your plans to make sure that the proposed use is permitted in the district you are in.


Any new commercial construction, any commercial construction addition, any alteration of at least 30% or more of an existing commercial structure, and any change of occupancy class in commercial occupancies will trigger the need to meet the accessibility code requirements and require an accessibility plan review and approval.

A review of common accessibility requirements can be found here.

The information provided in this guide is intended only to assist individuals in understanding the code requirements. It is not a complete recitation of the code. Property owners should consult the Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance for answers to specific questions.  

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