James A. Michener Art Museum, DOYLESTOWN; Frank Hyder, who splits his time between Philadelphia and Miami, has become known for working across a variety of media. His paintings and sculpture have been widely exhibited in venues such as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum of American Art, the Carnegie Museum in California, the La Salle Museum of Art in Philadelphia, and the National Museum of Catholic Art and History in New York among others. Hyder has also created several public art works, including three murals through the City of Philadelphias Mural Arts Program: Hanging Garden of I-95, Honeys Garden, and Bells Pond.
    Hyders fascination with the public sphere has manifested in a multimedia experience titled The Janis Project. Begun in 2015 and still continuing today, Hyder has created over a dozen large-scale, double-faced inflatable sculptures of heads. Hyder states of The Janis Project that each head, which at once references Moai of Easter Island, Olmec heads and, the ancient Roman god of new endeavors, at the same time has its roots in street art and inflatable toys...Janis carries a message of equality and good will and dares to step out of the normal world of Art museums or Art Galleries to be among us. Made of resilient nylon and paint, Janis has found a place to make us all consider issues with a smile that often divide us.
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