Bucks County Free Library, DOYLESTOWN; Bucks County voters care not only about national politics but also about the politics and issues on the local level that affect their children, neighborhoods and daily experiences. Continuing in the League of Women Voters 99-year tradition to facilitate informed and active participation in government, the local League chapter of Bucks County will provide Ready, Set, VOTE - Local Elections, a free program open to the public, on Wednesday, April 17 from 7-8:30 PM at the Doylestown branch of the Bucks County Free Library to help voters prepare for the municipal elections.
    Bucks County voters can learn about the races where their vote can make a tremendous difference; those races that will be on the ballot of the Municipal Primary on May 21 and the Municipal Election on November 5. The League of Women Voters of Bucks County (LWVBC) will describe how the duties of Borough and Township officials differ from those of County Commissioners and other county offices. School Directors and Judges and their respective roles will be explained, as will the cross-filing that allows many of those candidates to appear on the tickets of both major parties. Attendees will also learn where they can find factual data on the candidates and where they can compare candidates positions side-by-side; looking at responses that the candidates provide.
    The local elections are where Bucks County voters can make a great difference. The stakes are high knowing that local officials are responsive to their electorate and that the local level is where much of taxpayers monies are spent. Join the LWVBC for this program at the library, located at 150 S. Pine Street in Doylestown. Visit LWVBCs website at www.lwvbucks.org for more information and follow at www.Facebook.com/LWVBucksCounty/

    This event is courtesy of DoylestownAlive.com