Conquering Cuisine, DOYLESTOWN; Authentic flavors and techniques from the Western region of India. India is rich in its diverse culture including many languages, traditions and of course numerous dishes from each part of the country. The western state of India called Gujarat is primarily the vegetarian state that is known for its various spices and natural ingredients. Potato dumpling is one of the famous appetizers in rainy days. Thin slices of potatoes are dipped into chickpea flour paste and then deep fried. The dumplings can be enjoyed with chutney or ketchup. The Vegetable Pulav (also known as Biryani Rice) contains various vegetables that are mixed with boiled rice and various spices for taste. The Pulav can be enjoyed by itself or with chopped/shredded cucumber mixed with yogurt also known as Raita. Semolina Halwa, also known as Siro, is considered a traditional dessert for various religious ceremonies for good luck. The Halwa is made of Semolina flour roasted in clarified butter (ghee) and sugar (Jaggery), cardamom, nuts, raisins and more. It is an intoxicating mix of aromas and flavors! Menu: Bataka na Bhajiya (Fried Potato Dumplings with Mint Churney); Pulav (Vegetable Biryani with Masala Spices); Raita (Shredeed Cucumber and Yogurt Sauce); Siro (Semolina Halva with Cardamom and Raisins

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