Conquering Cuisine, DOYLESTOWN; No school? Keep the kids active and learning nonetheless with a hands-on cooking class. Participants will learn to make chewy, mouth-watering pizza. Well cover all the different parts of pizza-making from kneading the dough and forming the pies to baking them to perfection. Delivery or DiGiorno? Forget about both - make pizza at home. Ages 10 to 12. The goal of our hands-on classes is to teach kids fundamental techniques. Along the way we stress kitchen safety and the proper use of and care of cooking tools. Each class will begin with instruction on the recipes being prepared included understanding the ingredients, measurements and procedure. Participants then prepare recipes with the guidance and supervision of the instructor. The menus are designed to stress fresh ingredients and kid-friendly flavors. As the class progresses the kids get to eat the dishes they prepared. Ages 10 to 12.

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