Pebble Hill Church, DOYLESTOWN; Nomoli stones are ancient stone figurines which have been used by many tribes in West Africa for ceremony and healing for thousands of years. These stones are truly a mystery and a hidden treasure whose origins and purpose are still unknown. However, they have gotten the attention of a local entrepreneur and ancient artifacts collector, Bennett Vonderheide, who is presently re-examining them for their healing powers. Ben recently acquired the Nomoli stones, through a friend in West Africa. His research into their origin and purpose has led him to produce an expedition into the jungles of W. Africa to find more stones as well as to interview local native shamans and medicine men about their contemporary usage. Through private expeditions, research, documentation and experimentation, Ben has discovered many answers that explain their mysterious origin and function and has been able to address many issues that the early explorers and scientists have not been able to satisfy.

    Ben will offer the public an opportunity to hear about his research, see the stones and actually feel their healing power through a program he will be giving at the May meeting of the New Hope Metaphysical Society. There he will first explain the way in which he researched the stones and the results of his research, answering many of his original questions as to their origin, function, purpose and healing power including a connection to the Dogon tribe in Mali who claim to have ancestral connections to the Sirius star system.Then he will have everyone engage in a mini healing session with one of the stones and then will conclude the evening with a group meditation with one of the general healing stones. Included in his lecture will be a display of the stones taken from his private and museum collections, which will be available for sale and information about his future tv show he is planning for development - The Nomoli Hunters.

    Admission to this program is $15 online and $20 at the door. Off street parking is available. For more information, go to or and to register online, go to

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