Conquering Cuisine, DOYLESTOWN; A night of French inspired summer fare with a classic wine cocktail. With gardens in full bloom and vegetables at their peak, summer food is all about freshness. French cooking uses readily available ingredients like fresh herbs, ripe fruits and vegetables, vibrants olive oils and tasty cheeses to whip up unforgettable meals. Catherine will show you how to create authentic French dishes and serve them with her special Sangria. Menu: The Real Sangria; Smoked Ham Wrapped Cantaloupe with Mint and Port Drizzle; Balasamic Glazed Chicken and Grape Lettuce Wraps; Grilled Shrimp Brochettes with Herb de Provence Marinade; Catherines Special Ratatouille; Peach Melba Triffle.

    About the Instructor: Catherine Vire was born in France and is a traditionally trained European Chef that is passionate about her culinary craft. Her in-depth knowledge includes French, European and American cuisines as well as pastries including yeast doughs, artisan breads, plated desserts, wedding cakes and chocolate work.She has had the honor of creating special desserts for the inauguration of the US ambassador in Paris, Senators and for President Obama.

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