• Begins: 2019-09-17

  • Ends: 2019-09-17

Conquering Cuisine, DOYLESTOWN; Throughout history, traders, travelers and invaders have influenced culinary style of North Africa resulting in a cuisine as diverse as the land and people. Well introduce you to the cooking of the region by focusing on Morocco, where abundant ingredients, a long-standing palace tradition and great wealth are reflected in the food. Well also demonstrate dishes of the surrounding area to complete the meal.

Menu: Grilled Lamb Sausages in Flatbreads with Yogurt Mint Sauce; Chicken, Pepper and Preserved Lemon Tagine with Couscous; Flaky Smoked Fish Hand Pies with Harissa Tomato Sauce; Spicy Curried Rice and Fried Plantain Pilaf

Gift with Purchase!: One 3-ounce jar for each spot purchased.

Ras el Hanout: A complex, aromatic Moroccan spice blend thats closely associated with Moroccan cuisine. The literal translation of ras el hanout from Arabic to English is head of the shop, implying that this mix of spices is the very best offering in a spice shop. Each spice vendor has their own twist, well do the same.

Tagine Blend: These stewed dishes date back centuries and have an endless number of variations. A common element is the vibrant spices that scent the dishes. Well put together a special blend for you to enjoy in your next tagine.