Doylestown Borough’s 2020 Preliminary Budget marks the long-awaited start of construction of the Broad Street Gateway Park, Central Bucks Regional Police Headquarters, and Borough Hall project. This $11 million project will be partially funded by $5 million in new borrowing with the remainder funded by grants, contributions from Chalfont and New Britain Boroughs and property sales. More than two decades in the making, it represents one of the most ambitious public projects in the Borough’s history, replacing the Central Bucks Regional Police Department’s current aging and inadequate headquarters, creating a new public park in an area of the Borough lacking in park space, restoring an existing brownfield site, and adaptively reusing a historic building. The project will also allow for the long sought State accreditation of the police department. The annual cost to the average Borough property owner for this project in new debt service tax will be $23.57 in 2020, rising another $53.05 in 2021 for a total of $76.62.

Other than the debt service levy, all Borough property taxes will remain at current levels in 2020.

The average homeowner will pay $457.58 in total Borough Real Estate taxes in 2020, an increase of $23.57 from 2019.

The Doylestown Borough Real Estate Tax continues to be the smallest portion of a Borough homeowner’s overall Real Estate Tax bill, accounting for 9.72% of the total taxes paid.

Borough water rates will rank as second lowest in the region in 2020, despite a 3% rate increase.

Borough Council continues to make judicious use of its Reserve and Water Capital Funds in 2020, using them to fund much needed capital projects and equipment purchases without the use of tax revenue despite a challenging investment market. The Borough’s overall 2020 Capital Expenditures will be below the historic average.

The full budget message can be found here

The detailed budgets can be found here