The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to oversee the cleanup of the Chem-Fab Superfund Site. The remedial design for the interim groundwater cleanup has been completed in accordance with the interim Record of Decision (ROD) issued in July 2017. The selected cleanup alternative includes the installation of groundwater extraction wells and the construction of a groundwater extraction and treatment system to treat contaminated groundwater within the area of highest contamination at the Site. The cleanup alternative will be constructed or implemented during the remedial action phase of the Superfund cleanup process. The major components of the remedial action will include:

• Groundwater Extraction Wells. To prevent further migration of contaminated groundwater, the ROD includes installation of approximately 10 extraction wells. The remedial design has determined that seven extraction wells will be installed. The remedial design also specifies the location and depth of these wells.

• Groundwater and Extraction Treatment System (GETS). The extracted water will be pumped to a treatment building for treatment prior to permitted discharge to Cooks Run. The remedial design provides the specifications for the treatment building and treatment system components.

• Groundwater and GETS Monitoring. Groundwater monitoring will be conducted semiannually for the first five years and annually thereafter. This monitoring will be performed to confirm the GETS is capturing contamination inside the area of highest concentration and that the concentrations of the contaminants are not increasing outside of this area.

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Contact: Lavar Thomas, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator, at 215-814-5535 or [email protected]

Huu Ngo, EPA Remedial Project Manager, at 215-814-3187 or [email protected]