Noise is the most common complaint the Borough gets about restaurants and bars. Specifically, issues often arise surrounding three issues:

  • Boisterous patrons leaving establishments later in the evening.
  • Dumping of large quantities of bottles and cans from interior receptacles in to outdoor containers at the end of the evening.
  • Outdoor music.

Proprietors can take actions to be good neighbors and minimize the impact of their night operations on residential neighbors by being aware of these and other issues and taking steps to address them before complaints are received.

For reference, noise levels (measured at the property line) must not exceed:

  • 70 dBa from 7 am until 8:59 pm
  • 60 dBa from 9 pm until 6:59 am

It is recommended that proprietors purchase a sound meter to periodically monitor noise output to ensure compliance. Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance, Chapter 10, Part 4

Please contact the Building and Zoning Department with specific questions about your establishment.