Doylestown enjoys an abundance of restaurants. For the convenience of proprietors we have prepared this list of the most common questions we get with regard to restaurant operation. For questions about an individual situation please call us.

A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are permitted only with an annual license.

Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance, Chapter 13, Part 8

Music and Noise

Noise levels (measured at the property line) must not exceed:

  • 70 dBa from 7 am until 8:59 pm
  • 60 dBa from 9 pm until 6:59 am

It is recommended that you purchase a sound meter so you can periodically monitor your noise output to ensure compliance.

Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance; Chapter 10, Part

Occupant Load & Behavior

Exceeding your permitted occupant load is hazardous and will result in citation. Loud or obnoxious behavior of patrons leaving your establishment disturbs neighbors. You are responsible for keeping things in check.

Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance, Chapter 5, Part

Sidewalk Dining

Outdoor dining is permitted by license between April 1 and October 31 Tables and chairs must not obstruct the 4 foot pedestrian passage route. Tables and chairs must be removed every evening and the area washed down.

Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance, Chapter 27, Part 10

Smoking Areas

Smoking areas must be kept clean and free of discarded cigarette butts. Safe receptacles and ashtrays must be provided.

Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance , Chapter 5, Part 4

Recycling & Trash

Doylestown requires you to recycle paper, plastic and glass. Trash/recycling areas must be clean and sanitary, and trash must be in closed dumpsters.

Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance, Chapter 20, Part 1 & 2

Please contact the Building and Zoning Department with specific questions about your establishment.